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Why people choose to become orthodox

There are many reasons why people choose to join the Orthodox Church. It is the church that was described in the New Testament. It does not try to approach God in a relaxed or casual manner. This is because the church is the only one that has teachings that have not changed from the very

Why the Orthodox Church is different from other churches

The Orthodox Church is a church that is founded on Jesus Christ, and it is described in the New Testament. Most Christian churches or sects throughout history can be traced back to it.  The word “orthodox” translates into “straight teaching” and “straight worship.” It is derived from two words, which are “orthos,” meaning straight, and

Poor Reasons to Become Orthodox

There are many reasons why people may choose to be Orthodox, but below are some factors people should not base their decision to become Orthodox on. Not for beautiful liturgy The people do not become Orthodox because they have liturgies that look nice.  Even if the liturgies of the church are beautiful, this is not

The challenges faced by the Orthodox Church of France

The Orthodox Church of France, or L’Eglise Orthodoxe De France, was previously known as the Orthodox Catholic Church of France, or L’ Eglise Catholique Orthodoxe De France.  This is the church of Orthodox Christianity in the country, and it has a single diocese that uses Western Rite.  By the use of the OCF, it had

Orthodox Christianity – one side of the Christian coin

Introduction After Christianity became the official religion with Emperor Constantine’s act in 313 AD, four large Christian centers, so-called patriarchates, developed throughout the Christian world. There were three in the East, Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, and one on the West – Rome. Rome always had the largest influence among all of the churches because there was

Orthodox Christianity in France

Orthodox churches in France gather orthodox episcopacies of Antiochian, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Georgian patriarchies as well as orthodox eparchies in the territory of France. The Orthodox Church in France unites Orthodox Christians all over France no matter which eparchy they belong to, because eparchy within Orthodox Christianity is never seen as uniformity, but

Religion in France

The primary religion in France is Catholicism. More than 80% of the population declares themselves as Catholics, even though the majority of them don’t actually practice religion but just express their traditional religious background. Generally, ever since the French Revolution, France has been a very secular country. However, it is a home to Lourdes, probably

The beliefs of Orthodox Christianity

The Orthodox Church embodies the life and the faith of Orthodox Christianity. The church is inseparable from its historic and concrete community, and it encompasses their entire way of living. Orthodox Christianityfocuses on practicing what is believed to be the original faith that was passed to the apostles through Jesus Christ. It was handed over