There are many reasons why people choose to join the Orthodox Church. It is the church that was described in the New Testament. It does not try to approach God in a relaxed or casual manner. This is because the church is the only one that has teachings that have not changed from the very beginning.

The church wants to please God, not people   

The church is not concerned about entertaining the people. It is through Orthodox Christianity that people can be sure that their children and grandchildren will be able to worship as they worshipped and believe in the way they always did. The church worships the Trinity, which means that they believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The church believes and practices the faith of the Christian in every part of their lives. The church is serious about how it takes the Christian life.  The Orthodox Church is based on every part of the Bible, not just a selection of the teachings.  The Orthodox Church does not take a minimalist approach to worship and faith.  With the Orthodox Church, you can be sure that the teaching and the worship style have not changed and will not change even when the pastors change.

The church puts praying before anything else

The church puts praying before anything else

The Orthodox Church in France prays the Lord’s Prayer at every single service. Few churches put such a large emphasis on prayer and include it so much in their worship.  The attendees in the church participate, and they do not act like they are spectators. The church still worships God using myrrh, frankincense and gold.  The church did not take part in the Crusades, Salem Witch Trials or the Inquisition. The goal of the church is to imitate the heavenly worship instead of trying to imitate the current life or the modern culture. The church believes that there are many things that people can learn from those that have already finished the race before them.  The church baptizes using the triple immersion. The Orthodox Church believes that becoming a disciple is more than just showing it off.  The church believes in the priesthood of the believers, which includes everyone who is a believer.

The church does not change its beliefs

The Orthodox Church has never been reformed, counter-reformed, restored or revived. The church does not use the verses of the Bible out of context. The Orthodox Church worships the way that the apostles did.  Theologians and the spiritual leader of the church outshine the leaders in other traditions.  The church uses an Old Testament canon as it was used by disciples and Jesus, and they do not use the Jewish manuscript.  For the Religion of France, doctrine matters. There is no other church that gives the same level of honor and respect to the Mother of the Lord.  There is no other church that worships in the way that it is based on Biblical worship. The church was able to survive its persecution, which was the bloodiest of them all, and it was able to thrive from it.  There is no other church that can claim to be more apostolic, catholic, holy and one.  The church is not about being cool, politically correct, mainstream, sexy or relevant.