If you want to become an Orthodox Christian, we are here to help you.  This is a joyful and well programmed path which wins many souls. Many have made the same journey before you, and there are many people who are going to come after you.


To start with the basics, the first step towards becoming a member of Orthodox Christianity is to convert to Christianity. Here we teach you about the Gospel and why it is good. The Good News is to be preached to all the nations, and you should be aware of what the gospel is all about.
Repentance and conversion


The second step is to repent: There is no way that someone can be saved if he has not repented. A person has to repent for his sins, both involuntary and voluntary, or their deeds of the world.  The repentance is a gateway to forgiveness and the door of Heaven. After this, the person should consider becoming a Christian. Accepting the Gospel is what is known as conversion. It may seem elementary, but people forget what the Gospel may be about when it comes to converting. Conversion is accepting Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and man. Orthodox Christians believe that converting on a daily basis is the first step in making spiritual progress and getting saved.




Step three is learning about the Catechumenate when a person wants to become a member of the body of Jesus Christ. The period of instruction is important. From the first day of the church, this is what came to be called catechumens. We will help you to learn more about the Gospel and what becoming a member of the body of Christ means to the believers of Christ Jesus. Normally, we do have a class for new members and we also hold some classes for the people who are curious.


You are not going to be alone


When you are thinking about becoming Orthodox in France, you need to know that you should not take this journey alone.   You can come with your friends or family and we are always here to help you in your journey to go to Heaven.   With us, you are going to be a part of a big body of believers that will be yearning to include you within the church.  Regardless of who you are, you have to know that there are people who have taken the same journey as yourself before.

The time you spend with us is going to be time well spent, and you are going to have the chance to immerse yourself in the Orthodox way of living. The process might take a while, but then your catechumenate will end and you are going to be a member of the apostolic, holy catholic and one church.


Contrary to other denominations that make the Religion of France, Orthodox is just one church and everyone works towards being together. When you become an Orthodox, we will help you to aim higher in becoming holy compared to other Christian faiths.