What is a Greek Orthodox Church?

This is the term that is used to refer to the body of different churches in the communion of Orthodox Christianity where the liturgy was conducted in the Koine Greek, which is the original language of the New Testament.


When did the church start?

The Orthodox Church is the church which was founded under Jesus Christ with his apostles, and it started on the day of Pentecost when there was a descent of the Holy Spirit. This was in the year 33AD. This is known in the contemporary West as the Eastern Orthodox Church or the Greek Orthodox Church.


How many churches based on Orthodox Christianity are found around the world?

This is hard to say since Orthodox churches have more than 2 million Christians in North America and over 2,000 parishes. In the entire world, the Orthodox Christians number over 300 million.


What it is the meaning of Orthodox Christianity?

Orthodox means “right doctrine” or “correct praise.” In the early centuries when the country was still united, the church was catholic and also Orthodox. This was the church for correct praise and it was a universal church.  The term Orthodox was used in order to separate itself from other churches that had a false doctrine about God, the church, salvation and the Holy Spirit.  These are the groups that came to be known as heretics and heterodox.


When did the Christianity based on Orthodox start?

The history is traced back to the apostles and to Jesus Christ himself.  They believe that Christianity was brought by Christ and is powered by the Holy Spirit.  It was led by apostles and passed on through those that they were leading.  The passing down of the authority is known as apostolic succession, and it represents a presence of Christ in the body of the world.


When did the Orthodox Church separate from Christianity?

The church separated in the year 1054 and some became the Catholic Church and others the Orthodox Church. Each part blamed the other for being the reason behind the split.  Two disagreements were behind the split. One was about how the Trinity is understood and the other one was about the authority that was given to Pope.


How did the Protestant Reformation affect Orthodox Christianity?  

The Orthodox Church was not affected in any way by the Protestant Reformation in the 15th and 16th century.  At that time, the church was doing everything to be able to survive because of the Islamic domination.  Protestants were not in agreement about some practices and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, which included the authority of the Pope.


Do the Orthodox in France act more like Protestants or Catholics?

It is good if the church is considered to be a separate Christian sect and not be compared to any of these other religions. The Protestants may find some similarities to the church based on how they both disagree about the Pope, while the Catholics may find other similarities in their beliefs and worships. Catholic and Orthodox are the religions of France that believe in the seven sacraments and the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, not just a symbolical presence.