There are many reasons why people may choose to be Orthodox, but below are some factors people should not base their decision to become Orthodox on.

Not for beautiful liturgy

The people do not become Orthodox because they have liturgies that look nice.  Even if the liturgies of the church are beautiful, this is not a sufficient reason why people should decide to be orthodox Christian. Beauty is not the primary concern for the aesthetics of Orthodox Christianity. When people say that Christians decide to become Orthodox because of the beauty, this is because they are looking on the outside alone. The beautiful liturgy is a part of worship in Orthodox, but this is not because they place an importance on having pretty things, but because if something is visible, it should be made special. Beautiful liturgy has not been preserved so that a piece of art can be preserved, but because it is part of the faith tradition of the church.  What is important is not the gold found in a church but the reason why someone decided to go to worship.


Not for traditions

Too much tradition – it is true that the Orthodox Church has been able to preserve its traditions, but this is not a reason why you should choose to be Orthodox. When someone becomes Orthodox, he is not going to be Greek, Serbian and Russian at once. They continue to be what they were, but the only difference is trying to be Christian in a certain way. There are many traditions of well-formed and old Orthodox culture that are worth adapting and adopting, especially since the modern practice doesn’t follow any culture.  The culture is not important, but the beauty of life that brought about that practice is important.  It will not matter how you speak or how you understand the culture if you do not follow the salvation that the Orthodox Church teaches you about.


People think that when a person becomes Orthodox in France, he becomes a hipster at once.  People get the image of people who have converted into the Orthodoxy before like these who were smokers or bike riders that converted into the orthodoxy with their entire family.

Avoiding the drama

Some say that people may choose to become Orthodox Christian to avoid the drama of the community where they live. However, if this is the reason why you have chosen to become Orthodox, you should think again because drama is unavoidable. When you are around people, sin is a part of who they are and when there are sins, there is always going to be drama. This is something that you are not going to be able to avoid. When it comes to the Religion of France, you should not be Orthodox just for the sake of something external because if you do this, you may end up becoming disappointed. You should become Orthodox because of the love you have for Jesus Christ, God, men, the Paschal Mystery and the salvation that you can only get through him.