The Orthodox Church embodies the life and the faith of Orthodox Christianity. The church is inseparable from its historic and concrete community, and it encompasses their entire way of living. Orthodox Christianityfocuses on practicing what is believed to be the original faith that was passed to the apostles through Jesus Christ. It was handed over from one generation to another without any subtraction or addition to the faith tradition. The sole purpose behind Orthodox Christianity is the salvation of each human person. Salvation unites them with Christ while transforming the people into being holy and imparting them with eternal life. Their faith is based on the good news of the gospel that Jesus is the Messiah who rose from the dead so that many people can be saved through him.

Who the Orthodox Church believes in

The beliefs of Orthodox Christianity

The faith of the Orthodox Church is based on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, which is known as the Holy Trinity that comprises one God.  In accordance with the beliefs of the fathers of the church, the church members believe that the Trinity is made up of three divine people who have the same essence.  This is a paradoxical belief, but they agree that this is how God chose to show himself.

The Orthodox Church in Francebelieves that God has always been and always will be. They say that there was no time that God did not exist and that he will also continue to exist even beyond time. God is more than just an impersonal essence or a high power. Each part of God has the divine person who relates to mankind on a personal level. The Orthodox Church is known to be monotheist while at the same time Trinitarian.  The God that is worshiped in the Orthodox Christian Church is the God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham who revealed himself to Moses through a burning bush.

What it is the meaning of Trinity?

The source of the Holy Trinity is known to be the Father, from whom the Son was begotten and from whom the Spirit is now able to proceed.  The Father is the foundation of the unity of the Trinity. To be able to understand the Father is considered as the unbegottenness, the son as the begottenness, while the Holy Spirit is the procession. However, it is hard to understand everything about God and the faith. This is why people should approach the divine idea in an apophatical way and should be content to meet God on a personal level and realize the inadequacy of the human mind to understand the divine.

How Orthodox Church worships

Worship in the Orthodox Church is considered as one of the highest callings of mankind – to be able to fall at the feet of God Almighty and the Holy Trinity. Worshipping God is one way of fulfilling the purpose for which people have been created. Orthodox Worship in Franceis liturgical, and it is followed by a number of cycles and patterns in the reverent dignity and in embracing the entire human person. The reverence and the awe are caused by the people’s understanding that they are entering into the room where the throne of the creator is found.