The Orthodox Church of France, or L’Eglise Orthodoxe De France, was previously known as the Orthodox Catholic Church of France, or L’ Eglise Catholique Orthodoxe De France.  This is the church of Orthodox Christianity in the country, and it has a single diocese that uses Western Rite.  By the use of the OCF, it had been in communion with a different canonical Orthodox Church throughout history until now.

The church members are from different areas

An issue that the Orthodox Church faces is that there are many nationalities with the languages of the faithful, and in some circumstances it leads to ethnophyletism. The danger of fragmentation is always present when it comes to the Orthodox in the country, and it became more obvious with the great emigration of the Greeks and the Russians in the start of the 20th century.  The Orthodox had gathered in the groups of the church according to their faith. Also the church was able to help them remember the countries, families and language that they came from.  The French natives also became Orthodox since refugees wanted to bring the message to the country that agreed to take care of them.  Since these people felt isolated, they started to behave in a nationalist fashion, and they ended up falling in the ethnophyletism.


Some people want to worship in French

Orthodox France encourages their compatriots to celebrate their services in French otherwise the children or grandchildren who were born in France may not attend the church. This is why the priests are recommended to talk in French as much as they can. However, the church also has to make sure that the people who come to the area can find a church where they can find their traditional songs and their language.

People want the celebration to be done in French  

When it comes to the point of view of ecclesiology, a unique and important phenomenon in France is the Conference. This is the synod of the Orthodox bishops who are under the chairmanship of the metropolitan of the country away from the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This unites the Orthodox bishops together with the metropolitans who live in the country.  Everyone continues to be a member of the synod where he comes from and which he is in charge of.  There are metropolitans who are looking forward to encouraging the creation of parishes that are French speaking in order to attract the people who do not speak the language of the origins.

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Whichever language that the orthodox follow, they are always in search of the soteriology, which is the doctrine for salvation. With the Religion of France, salvation is considered to be a theosis. This is an infinite process where people have to try their best to be like God. It is known as divinization and deification, and it means that all Christians have to do their best so that they can be like Jesus more and more. God had to become a man in order to help man to be like God. Salvation is the process that encompasses the earthly life of the Christian but also an eternal life of the age that is about to come.